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Welcome to Featherstitch House!

People are made for making. You only have to look at a child at play to see how easily creativity comes to them. Too often though, as we grow up, we forget this part of ourselves and start to tell a different story.

I was lucky enough to be surrounded by ‘makers’ as a child. My Saturdays were often spent exploring my grandma’s sewing table and the wonders of the button box. She and my mother were gifted embroiderers and showed me the basics from an early age. 

Since then, I have painted, drawn, made things with paper, wood, metal and clay, but nothing brings me peace and restoration quite like a needle and thread. 

The calm rhythm of sewing, the texture of fabric in my hands and the slow and steady pace that can’t be rushed have been my lifeline in the choppy waters of modern life. 

And like my mum and grandma did for me, I want to help others reconnect with the creativity inside them and rediscover the power and joy that comes from expressing it.

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Nature inspires me. The wildness of moors and mountains, the tranquillity of woodland, the music of leaves and birds and water are the things that make me happy. I love rain. I love a windy day. I love the sunshine. There’s nothing pretentious about an apple or blossom or a blackbird – they are what they are, doing their thing, unapologetic and glorious! 

My designs draw on this simple beauty all around me. This is why we use sustainable and recycled materials wherever we can, to play our part in preserving the world we love.

So come on in to Featherstitch House, make yourself at home and let’s see what we can create together today.

Rebecca Tamisari

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